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Agilent Technologies

Divested from Hewlett Packard in 1999, Agilent represents the true “spirit of the garage” through legacy products originally developed by Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard and new technologies.

Build a new work place identity to incorporate product lines and workers “cast off” from tech giant HP. Separate, relocate, or build new U.S. facilities for a new company with $11 billion dollars of business, 3 million square feet of real estate, and over 35,000 employees. Help create a new corporate culture and a work place to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders. Complete these tasks within 18 months.

Work with corporate real estate and work place services teams to define the process and establish goals, priorities and drivers.

  • Inventory facilities and assign each an action plan:
  • Transform and rebrand an existing HP facility as Agilent.
    Co-locate new Agilent site with an existing HP site,
    Build new independent Agilent facility.

Integrate new entrepreneurial culture through corporate branding and integration of Agilent Work Place Standards. Minimize disruption to ongoing business production and minimize capital expenses to HP and Agilent.

Deliver over 100 new or separated spaces in over 30 states in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Argentina within the allotted 18 month timeframe. Help establish Agilent’s company pride and corporate culture.
  • Develop innovative and responsive work place standards to:
  • Reinforce and compliment Agilent’s corporate hierarchy Encourage collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit Reduce 1st costs for furniture and equipment Reduce ongoing costs with more flexible environments

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