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Hewlett Packard

Strategic Partner since 1985 providing Architecture, Project Management and Innovation Strategies. Over 200 locations across the U.S.

Hewlett- Packard has been a client since 1985 and continues to award Chicago Design Network with on-going and overlapping assignments ranging from small Regional Sales and Support Offices, Data Centers, Clean Rooms, S.C.I.F. Facilities and Overall Facility Planning, Design and Construction. We have completed hundreds of projects in over 30 states and around the world. Working with transition teams we were integral in the planning for the Agilent Technologies divestiture and the Compaq Computers merger.

For over 20 years, we have been involved in the Design and Construction of hundreds of offices across the country. During this time and continuing today, our work has included:

  • Business Transformation Strategies
  • HP/ Agilent Divestiture in 1999
    HP/ Compaq Merger 2002
    HP/Indigo Acquisition 2005
    HP/Knightsbridge Acquisition 2007
    HP/EYP Mission Critical Acquisition 2008

  • Product Introduction and Sales Strategies
  • Idea Centers – Cross market product collaboration areas
    The Ed Center – Customer training centers
    H.P.C. – Hewlett Packard Consulting
    SuperDome – Super computers
    Halo Rooms – Virtual Conferencing Centers

  • Field Sales Offices
  • Over 200 offices in over 30 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico

  • Disaster Recovery Sites
  • King of Prussia, PA, Eagan, MN, Branchburg, NJ, Dearborn, MI

  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF)
  • Gaithersburg, Columbia and Bethesda, MD; Palo Alto, CA

  • Call Centers
  • Loveland and Englewood, CO, Indianapolis, IN

  • Clean Rooms/ Chemical Labs
  • Palo Alto, CA, Englewood, CO, Houston, TX, Arlington Heights, IL

  • Data Centers/ Electronic Labs
  • Omaha, NE, Bethesda, MD, Austin, TX

  • Education & Training Centers
  • Alpharetta, GA, Downers Grove, IL, Plano, TX, Marlboro, MA

By developing long term Single Point of Contact (S.P.O.C.) relationships we provide insight and historic perspective not typically found in vendor relationships.

Provide highly skilled, experienced “core” team able to deliver enormous amounts of work in a very short time. This ability enables the team to deliver multiple projects simultaneously and efficiently.

With a dedicated, long term, committed, team of Senior Project Architects we can respond more quickly and with no lead time or familiarization time loss. Enabling quick response to strategic missions.

Smaller, better informed teams with S.P.O.C. can maintain corporate image and work place standards more effectively while easily working across product line groups or internal corporate silos.

Developed project strategies and processes that can respond more quickly and deliver larger projects with better communications.

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