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Recycled Paper Greetings

Started in 1971 in a bungalow in Chicago, this Earth friendly maker of greeting cards grew to be an American business phenomenon with its humor-driven creative edge and commitment to the environment.

In 2006, Recycled Paper Greetings was sold and the new ownership wanted to bring the company, its workers and work environment out of the 1970s and into the 21st century without losing the hardworking, friendly, environmentally conscious spirit of the company founders. The company would require 45,000 s.f. and include spaces for creative staff, product display and an artist’s hall of fame, in addition to typical spaces like private and open office areas, training rooms and a mission critical data center.

With no on-site facility or operations people, Chicago Design Network provided full project management of every aspect of the relocation and maintained critical contact with the highest level management.

  • Project management services included:
  • Developed and monitored budgets and schedules for construction, data center and furniture.
    Construction administration with weekly meetings involving top R.P.G. management.
    Employee move coordination and moving company management.

  • Architectural services included:
  • Programming, work place standardization, furniture selection and purchasing.
    Site selection assistance and test fits.
    Architectural design and construction documents with M.E.P. coordination.

  • Project Management for Mission Critical Data Center included:
  • Review, analysis, and updating of preliminary Data Center recommendations by Forsythe.
    Issue R.F.P. for new Data Center design engineer and hire Engineering Plus for new design.
    Coordination of Data Center design with Architectural design & construction documents.
    Coordination and fast track purchase of C.R.A.C. units and power conditioners.
    Creation of cost effective and flexible display systems for ever-changing portfolio of products.

  • Innovation strategies included:
  • Optimizing work environment and personal work spaces.
    Coordinating alternative strategies for document storage and archival artifacts.
    Helping to translate unique “artist colony” culture to environmentally sensitive and efficient corporate identity.
    Effectively integrating highly creative and collaborative work spaces into cost effective and flexible work spaces.
    Enhancing corporate identity by integrating historic artwork and artifacts into new public spaces.

CDN’s involvement in the site selection process resulted in the identification and selection of an existing space that with optimized design, 90% of existing construction remained and was reused. Delivered final space at a cost of $12.00/s.f. excluding Data Center costs. Value engineered Data Center design and modified system requirements from Tier III to Tier II+ and reduced budget by over 50% without sacrificing required system performance. Coordinated 12 hour move of Data Center equipment. Integrated beautiful and interesting historic card artwork into the work environment. Helped translate unique culture into vibrant contemporary work environment. Met “no fallback” 12 week construction and move schedule. Completed all construction work $100,000.00 under budget.

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